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The essence of being a nurse, a P10 million bribe, an OFW’s complaint against RP officials in Saudi Arabia, & Dolphy’s secret of being young

July 31, 2008

Palagay ko, it’s my job. Kapag nasa linya ng comedy, wala akong iniisip kung hindi katatawanan at puro comedy ginagawa ko. Making people laugh is fun talaga. It’s better sa buhay.”
Dolphy remarks on his secret of being young at age 80.

“Considering our depressed condition and lowered people’s morale, it is clear that uncoordinated, quickie and populist projects will not work and be just a waste of time, resources and goodwill,”
Former Pres. Fidel Ramos on the dismal policies of Pres. Gloria M. Arroyo

“Should we worry? There will be pain but maybe worrying too much is too much. We will survive this eventually.”
Dr. Cayetano Paderanga Jr., a professor at the UP School of Economics on the deteriorating economy and lack of morale of the people.

“More than three million children between the ages of 6 and 15 are now out of school. What is her administration going to do about it? Judging from her SONA — nothing, other than hand out a few scholarships,’’
ACT-UP Chairman Antonio Tinio asks the government on what to do with children who can’t afford to go to school.

“My advantage of being half-Filipino, half-German is having an exotic beauty which I think is not common with other people. But for me, it’s my multi-cultural values which set me apart because these make me a better and stronger person.”
Princess Uhrig, a mixed-race candidate in the Miss Limburg-Belgium beauty pageant to be held in September.

“Promoting an NFP-only policy goes against our commitment to the Millennium Development Goals, which targets increased access to reproductive health services and contraceptive prevalence rate — covering both modern natural and artificial methods — to 60 percent by 2010 and 80 percent by 2015,”
Ramon San Pascual, director of the Phil. Legislator’s Population and Development Foundation Committee, airing objection to the Roman Catholic Church stand against artificial contraception.

“So, they were talking of a win-win situation, which meant offering P10 million for me to give way to Justice Reyes. I politely declined that offer and told the emissary that it was not only a matter of principle but that it will [also] affect the integrity of the court. Before he left, he told me that they were still hoping that I could see it their way,”
Court of Appeals Justice Jose Sabio bares a scandalous bribery offer he got from someone whom he believes to be an emissary of Meralco.

“Palitan n’yo na lahat ng nakaupo mula sa ibaba hanggang sa itaas. Imbes na sila ang makatulong sa amin, sila pa nagpapahirap sa amin”
OFW Armando Navarro who said while calling for the replacement of Philippine Consular officials in Saudi Arabia.

“I regret what I did. I’m ready to face any punishment because he is my son,”
—says a desperate man of Legazpi City who stabbed his three month old baby for he can’t care for him any longer.

“When you decide to become a nurse, you have to have passion to serve and to care. The essence of nursing is to care for the people,”
Nurse Board topnotcher Aira Therese S.Javier said. She believes going abroad must not be the primary motivation of her colleagues in the profession. =0=

Behind Vincent Van Gogh’s Patch of Grass is a Woman

July 31, 2008

Patch of Grass, a painting composed by Vincent Van Gogh in 1887 in Paris hangs in the Kroller-Muller Museum in the Dutch city of Otherlo. With advanced X-ray technique called synchrotron radiation-based X-ray fluorescence mapping, a hidden colored face behind the painting is revealed as a detailed 3 dimensional image, giving historians, art connoisseurs and painting enthusiasts a way of understanding how the painter recycled his art. The technique is an invaluable tool to study hidden art in paintings.

About a third of Van Gogh’s paintings had been superimposed over previous compositions like the woman behind the Patch of Grass. If he had more canvasses to paint on, there might have been more of his paintings around to behold, study, and delight on. Credit: Reuters (07/30/08Van der Struik,T.)

Bicol Bus Crash Update: Ibalonians mourn the demise of George Evangelio

July 31, 2008

Flash news lang ini pero mamundong bareta. Kaibanan sa nagadan sa banggaan kan Executive Carrier bus and Silver Star bus sa Pamplona si George Evangelio ta. Saro siyang late ’70s na Ibalon na gikan sa Daraga and Aquinas. Sabi ni Arnel Astillero, na nakaolay na an eldest na aki ni George, an agom daa ni George ay irido, naka-confine sa sarong ospital sa Naga. An bangkay naman ni George ay nasa Funeraria de Nuestra Senora de Salvacion sa Legazpi (pakatapos ibalyo haling Funeraria Imperial sa Naga). Calling tabi sa mga nasa Naga and sa nakakabisto ki George. Me bareta akong paduman na da’a si Totoy Badiola. Salamat.“—Mighty Baylon, Davao City

“An narurumduman ko ki George, he was a happy, hopeful and kind
person. I’m sure he led a fruitful and meaningful life.”
Benny Rayco, Legazpi City

“Sincere condolence to the family of George and prayers for the speedy recovery of Beth. Her children need her in this most difficult time of their lives.”
Ona Vigil-Baylon, Davao City

“I remember George as a very gracious host samo ni Arnel, even inviting us for drinks sa videoke bar nya sa taas kan old daraga market.”
James Sabio, Albay, Philippines

“I first knew of George’s fatal accident when his name was shown on TV. I had my initial doubts if it was our George of UP Ibalon. But when i saw Daraga, Albay across his name, I knew it was him alright. Mighty’s text only confirmed it.

I dropped by today at her sis in laws canteen in Sagpon, Daraga, Albay where i last saw George maybe a year ago. She told me that George and his wife Beth was on the way home in the Executive carrier bus after the check up of her wife in Manila. He was dead on the spot while his Beth suffered fractures and had stainless implants but is otherwise in stable condition. Their check up was reportedly already delayed by one week because they were still waiting for collectibles, having been saddled by the medical bills of Beth among others. Condolence to the family of George.”
Dan Daz, Legazpi City

“The only agendum at Kopi Meeting in Naga is to know how to help the family of the late George Evangelio. Let us all come. I am one of those who did not have the chance to meet George in his lifetime, but this tragedy in his family really touches everyone of us deeply.”
Andy Gimpaya, M.D., Naga City

“Hello everyone! Ini po an latest na bareta ko. Divided ang attention kan pamilya ta si Beth, yaon pa sa BMC. Dai pa daa puede ibyahe. Si Joshua, eldest son, ang yaon duman. You may contact him through his cell phone 09175580099. He is with his uncle David Supeña. Sa Daraga, you may contact members of the family through the following numbers: Home: 435-3457; Gigi Canteen: 483-0136 (Bing Supeña, Aunt)”
Arnel Astillero, Albay, Philippines

“This is indeed a tragedy, a family of six to cap it all. I don’t know George, his wife, or any of his kids. Since Simon is studying in Goa, Camarines Sur, tell him to come to my parent’s house and introduce himself—- to my mother specially, and my wife Rebekah who’s still there. I’ll give him some contribution as well. Be safe.”
Jose (Boy) Remo, M.D., St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“Kun maaraman ta su insurance company kan carrier; kun may kabisto, hil’ngon ta
kun pwede kita mag lobby for an early claim payment. On the family’s end, kaipuhan mag-prepare ning mga documento to support the claim: birth certificates of George & family, burial and funeral expenses, police report, medico-legal report, medical certificates, medical expenses including projected expenses for Beth if there are future treatments necessary na resulta dahil sa saiyang injuries.
Honesto Oliva, Naga City

“Let’s all pray for George’s soul, for the speedy recovery of his wife and for his whole family.”
Edna Fatima Balaquiao, Naga City

“Hi, Benny & Grace! Hinahapot ko pa si Naning Mariano kun puwede gamiton su account duman as conduit kan gusto magpadara nin tabang.”
Apolonio (Mighty) Baylon, Davao City

“Itinao ko na sa padara ni Mighty through BDO. Cherry Uy padara man through RCBC… Atty Alan Badiola and Boy Inigo were also there. We stayed up to 7:30PM.”
Mac Pavia, Pio Duran, Albay

“Naka-receive man ako ning text from Mayor Bem Dycoco kahapon about the accidental death of George. Si info na pigtao sakuya is kaipuhan daa ning legal advice kan family niya on how to get financial assistance/claims from the bus company. Nakaulay ko for few minutes by cellphone si David, brother ni Beth. Si David yata ang nag-aasikaso kan pagdara kay Georgefrom a funeral parlor in Pamplona to Legazpi ngunyan na aldaw. Ang contact number niya: 0928-4238888.
—-Atty. Alan V. Badiola, Rawis, Legazpi City

“Condolence sa pamilya ni George Evangelio. May he rest in peace. Hoping for the complete recovery of his wife… I asked my sister Ritzy Bermillo of Balatas, Naga City to call Ann Mariano to send in my donation to the George Evangelio fund.”
Totie Mesia, M.D., Astoria, New York, USA

N.B: George Evangelio’s bier is presently at the Nuestra Sra. de Salvacion Funeral Parlor in Legazpi City, Philippines. Those who desire to help his family, please contact Joshua Evangelio (09175580099; 435-3457); Bing Supena (483-0136) or Andy Gimpaya, M.D. (Naga) )==0==

Trimming Down Princess Chunk

July 30, 2008

In New Jersey, Princess Chunk, a 44 pound snow-colored obese kitty with brown ears and knowing eyes was found and put in a shelter. She’ll be in a diet to tame her ballooning lithe body before she goes to find a loving adoptive home. The overweight feline turned out to be a prince on closer physical examination. His real name is Powder (08/01/08). Credit: AOL/CourierPost/AP/Schell,A.

Figuring The Right Grammar of Pulse Asia’s Survey

July 30, 2008

According to the new survey of Pulse Asia taken in July 11-14, 2008, two thirds (~64%) of Filipinos express gloom and pessimism about their personal situation in the next 12 months. Morale is low.

Seventy nine (79) percent aren’t optimistic about the overall national situation. Three fouths (75%) consider themselves as losers (worse than last year,) compared to 59% four months ago.

These are outrageous numbers that fracture our confidence, numb our spines, and make our faces look ashen. Contrary to what Malacanang says, we may not need to validate the results for “ramdam na ramdam na natin ang resulta.”

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) of Pres. Gloria M. Arroyo last July 28, 2009, ostensibly blamed foreign factors for the deterioration of the economy. There’s almost no admission of accountability and responsibility— no mention of neglect, incompetence, or lack of foresight from our leaders. Surely, domestic factors such as pernicious corruption play a big role in the suffering of the people.=0=

Dreams of Gold Fizzles Before Beijing Olympics Starts

July 29, 2008

Nimble bodies flail up in the air, defying gravity. With agility, strength, and grace honed by pains-taking years of training, they roll-over, tumble, and ricochet like darting bullets at speeds that please the eye. Strained to the limits, their bodies go after the quintessential achievements in competitive sports.

In the coming Beijing Olympics, athletes accept the risks of injury if only to nail a glowing moment on the podium for themselves and for the country they represent. The challenge for an exceptional performance is so strong that some would do anything to pursue it.

The strict discipline of training, exercise, and diet may not be enough to assure a medal. Politics, government interference, change of health, and even foul weather can stand on the way. All the preparations may altogether be wasted if the window of opportunity to compete closes prematurely.

Paul Hamm, USA’s top seed for gymnastics gold, knows it first hand. (Photo:NYTimes/SilvermanB) He bows out from the race at the eve of the 2008 Beijing Games because of a strained rotator cuff and a hand fracture that didn’t recuperate on time. The same happened to legendary figure skater Michelle Kwan in 2006 Torino Winter Olympics when groin injuries booted her out of competition, abruptly ending her dreams of gold.

Nature has a way of demanding what must be for the body and the soul. Even the best of talented athletes are governed by the laws of injury and repair. It takes time for healing to proceed, be it in the mind or in the bone. =0=

Ibalonian George Evangelio dies with 11 others in a bus crash

July 29, 2008

“Three more people have died in a deadly collision between two passenger buses in Pamplona, Camarines Sur early Tuesday, July 29, 2008, bringing the death toll up to 11.

Radio dzMM reported that three of the 30 injured passengers brought to Bicol Medical Center were declared dead hours after the freak accident.

Earlier reports said eight people died after two buses collided along a highway in Barangay San Ramon in Pamplona town around 3 a.m.

Police investigations said a Silver Star bus from Tacloban City took the lane of a speeding Executive Carrier bus from Manila, causing the smash up.

Three of the fatalities were passengers of the Executive Carrier bus and the other five were occupants of the Silver Star bus. The names of the fatalities were not immediately available. The police were still investigating the incident.” ABS-CBN/dzMM (07/29/08)

Among the dead is UP Ibalon’s George Evangelio of Daraga, Albay. His wife Elizabeth who suffers from cancer sustained multiple injuries and fractures which needed surgery at the Bicol Medical Center where she’s recuperating. He left behind six young children namely Rey Joshua, 21; Simon, 15; Sheena Mae, 11; Veronica, 9; George Matthew, 6 and Gabrielle Nicole, 4. His remains will be transferred from Funeraria Imperial of Naga to his hometown in Daraga, Albay where a wake in his honor will be held.

UP Ibalon grieves and expresses sympathy to the family of the deceased and to the other victims of the fatal road crash. Ibalonians Apolonio (Mighty) Baylon, Totoy Badiola, Fatima Edna Balaquiao, Dulce Bernardo, Arnel Astillero along with other concerned members in Bicol enjoin everyone to pray for the repose his soul.

George Evangelio is part of Batch78A which counts among its members Frank Mendoza, Ging San Jose, Fatima Edna Balaquiao, and Vic Ubaldo. For more details of his wake and burial, Mighty Baylon requests UP Ibalon members to contact Adolfo (Totoy) Badiola in Naga. =0=

Bare Truth or Fairy Tale? (Is Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf One And The Same?)

July 28, 2008

Because tough choices were made, the global crisis did not catch us helpless and unprepared. Through foresight, grit and political will, we built a shield around our country that has slowed down and somewhat softened the worst effects of the global crisis.

We have the money to care for our people and pay for food when there are shortages; for fuel despite price spikes. Neither we nor anyone else in the world expected this day to come so soon but we prepared for it.”

State of the Nation Address (SONA,) Pres. Gloria M. Arroyo, 2nd Regular Session of the 14th Congress Republic of the Philippines
28 July 2008

Be it for mom, a friend or an unknown soul, there’s always a good reason to donate blood

July 28, 2008

My pulse was bouncy like the gallop of a horse in the racetrack. I felt the familiar throbbing pain on my back and the squeezing sensation in my legs. Pallor and jaundice was obvious on my suffused eyes. I noticed my urine took the color of brewed coffee from Starbuck’s.I’m a patient now by Augusto F. Mesia, M.D.

That’s how a patient feels when he’s running out of blood. All the time, in hospitals worldwide, there is a person like him who requires transfusion. The need for blood never takes a break.

Be it for the unknown soldier profusely bleeding from gunshot wounds, a farmer’s child stricken with Dengue, an old man gasping for breath because of hemorrhagic shock, a mother who suffers from severe anemia of pregnancy and parturition, a baby whose bone marrow had shut down as a result of cancer and chemotherapy—-they all need our help. Without the gift of blood, they can die. We’re prodded to donate blood especially in lean days when blood banks run low in their inventories.

The Department of Health (DOH,) hospitals, civic organizations, schools, churches, the military, and the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) set aside days for blood drives so we partake in saving the lives of people. We need to appreciate the importance of voluntary (vs. paid donors) blood-giving.

In the harrowing days of World War II, in bomb-torn Europe, people organized blood donation parties to shed for the wounded fighters in the battle fields. People from all walks of life willingly lined up to give blood. Not all of us had this edifying altruistic experience. We share little history of blood donations like them. Therefore it makes sense that we campaign for aggressive blood-letting.

The yearly collection of blood per year in the United States is about 15 million bags of whole blood and about 5 million are transfused as blood components. These components are derived from whole blood which include red cells, platelets, white cells, plasma, cryoprecipitate, gamma globulin (IVIg) and albumin. (Source: The National Blood Data Resource Center, 2001, the most recent year for which data are available.)

Risk Estimates for Blood Transfusions in the U.S.
Risk per Unit
Human Immunodeficiency Virus— 1: 2 million
Using p24 Testing

Human Lymphocytotrophic Virus— 1: 3 million

Hepatitis C Virus— 1: 2 million

Hepatitis B Virus— 1: 200,000

Source: American Red Cross,

A positive development in the Philippines, Dr. Eduardo Pedrosa, Department of Health (DOH) regional coordinator for blood donation in Visayas said there is a growing public awareness of the benefits of blood donation. Celebrating July as a blood month, he noted a rise of volunteer donors and increased number of blood bags collected—from about 11,000 to over 18, 000 units in 2007 in blood-letting programs. Their target for this year is 22,000 units. ABS-CBN-Tacloban (7/17/08, Docdocan, J.)

Blood donation is labor-intensive. From collection to actual blood transfusion, the chain of work is centered on safety. Pre-donation interviews and physical examinations are conducted. The screening and matching of compatible donors have become so stringent that the risks of adverse effects from donating and receiving blood have been kept to the barest minimum.

Who can donate blood?

In general, people of good health, at least 17 years old, weighing at least 110 pounds may donate blood every 2 months (not as frequent as every ~56 six days.) Whole blood is harvested and processed using aseptic techniques from healthy donors which satisfy the criteria of medical history, current physical health, and possible contact with transfusion-related infectious diseases. These requirements which may vary slightly from country to country, make blood far safer now than at the time immunologist-pathologist Dr. Karl Landsteiner discovered the ABO blood groups in the early 1900s. Although there are obstacles to tackle, our local blood banks are working hard to improve its service so that blood could be made a notch safer for donors and recipients alike. =0=

Boundless Love

July 27, 2008

Animals are as caring and affectionate as human beings. In captivity, they never lose their protective instincts. They look after their babies just like human parents.

In Alipore Zoo in Calcutta, India, a 24 day old baby giraffe gets a loving forehead touch from his dad. Photo Credit: AP/Das,B.