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Updates of UP Ibalon Bicol projects

March 2, 2009

UPCAT–the Movie at Universidad de Sta Isabel

by Ann Mariano

Through the sponsorship of the Camarines Sur UP Alumni Association, a movie on UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) was shown at the Universidad de Sta Isabel on Saturday, February 28, 2009.

UP Ibalon-Bicol expresses its sincere gratitude to the civic-minded Ibalonian-members of Naga City and the UP Alumni of Camarines Sur who were present to lend a helping hand. Ibalonians Sieg Borromeo-Bulaong, Alaine Fornoles, Jun Olin, Totoy Badiola, Ann Mariano, and others gave their hearts, valuable time, and effort to make the event successful.

Health Screening, Barangay Workshop & Operation Blessing

UP Ibalon Bicol president Jose (Butch) Robredo announces the Health Screening and Barangay Workshop to be held on April 2 to May 2, 2009 in Naga City. Ibalonian Josephine (Penny) R. Bundoc, M.D. of UP-PGH Department of Rehabilitation Medicine will spearhead the scoliosis, vision screening, and the 2nd phase of the Operation Blessing (OB.)

During the OB, limb prothesis will be fitted for some indigent disabled amputees in the city. Kind-hearted Ibalonians are invited to join the forthcoming humanitarian project(s. (Photo Credits: Dan Daz)


Physicians for Peace, UP Ibalon, and civic-minded Naga residents conduct the free wheelchair project

February 6, 2009

Wheechair and Limb Prosthetics Project
by Ann Mariano

On Thursday February 5, 2009, the wheelchair and prosthetics project spearheaded by Ibalonians Dr. Josephine (Penny) R. Bundoc and Jose (Butch) Robredo pulled through in Naga City with the participation of the Physicians for Peace, the city government, and the Rotary Club.

Held in Naga City Gymnasium on a hot humid day, the setting up of wheelchairs for the indigent disabled was made possible with the help of Rene Fornoles, Totoy Badiola, Tess Avenido-Arbo, Sieg Borromeo-Bulaong, Jun Olin, Dr. May Velasco-Yorobe, Alaine Alberto-Fornoles, Lala Moreno, Ann Mariano and Dr. Andy Gimpaya— all kind-hearted Ibalonians.

The humanitarian project started with the usual registration. Dr. Bundoc went ahead with the free screening and interviews of patients, some of whom were referred to the UP-PGH in Manila for further evaluation and management. Prosthetic limb technicians came to make casts for the handicapped indigents. The last to be fitted was Sandy Valleno, a former reporter and stroke victim.

Representing the Physicians for Peace was Dr. Juan Montero. The said founder of the philanthropic organization came all the way from the United States to make available the free wheelchairs and distribute medicines for the needy.

Friends of UP Ibalon who attended were Naga City Mayor Jesse M. Robredo and his team of government workers headed by Lolit Nantes, the president of Kapisanan ng Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad. Community leaders Charlie Ravanera and Achilles Lo of the Rotary Club and civic-minded Waging Manlangit-Tam were there to lend logistical support.

The indigent recipients who spoke of their disabilities and illnesses were grateful to have their donated wheelchairs. Scheduled on the 3rd week of March 2009, the next and final leg of the project will involve distribution of limb prosthesis. (Photo Credits: Sieg Borromeo-Bulaong; Donnamarijne)


UP Ibalon extends its thanks to all those who helped in making this project possible including the unnamed supporters and contributors of this civic exercise. =0=

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UP Ibalon Alumni-Bicol pursues its wheelchair & leg prosthesis project for indigents

January 9, 2009

Ibalonian Annaliza Mariano relays the progress of UP Ibalon’s plan of helping needy patients of Naga and neighboring towns who may benefit in the wheelchair and artificial limb project spearheaded by fellow Ibalonian and UP-PGH Rehab Medical Specialist Dr. Josephine R. Bundoc.

The group’s president Butch M. Robredo encourages members and friends to participate in this worthy charitable project. Here below is a clip from a newspaper which describes the activity set for February 6, 2009:

by Bicol Mail (01/08/09)

“Naga City – The Physicians for Peace, an affiliate of the 700 Club,
and the UP Ibalon Alumni Association in Bicol will be donating free
wheelchairs and artificial legs to patients and amputees here and in
the neighboring towns comprising Metro Naga.

Kapisanan ng mga Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad (KSBK) President
Lolita Mancera-Nantes said the project is contained in the social
responsibility agenda of the medical organization in partnership with
the reputable alumni association of the University of the Philippines
in Bicol headed by Butch Manalastas Robredo.

Nantes said Dr. Josephine R. Bundoc of the Physicians for Peace and
the group led by Robredo will initially be distributing wheelchairs
and artificial legs in the city through the KBSK of which the members
are now preparing a list of beneficiaries.

Dr. Bundoc’s group is expected to arrive at the Naga City Gym on
February 6 for the distribution of wheelchairs along with the UP

‘Initially they will be distributing 100 wheelchairs at the Naga
City Gym and to see also the amputees who want to avail of free
artificial legs to determine what length and size would fit them,’ said Nantes…”
=0=(Photo Credit: Renier&Rene)

For a complete report, please see Bicol Mail, January 8, 2009 issue, page. 3 or (Vol. XXV No. 30 | January 8, 2009 )—Annaliza Mariano/Waterliliesnaga


UP Ibalon Bicol Fellowship on 08/08/08

August 7, 2008

Dr. Andy Gimpaya and Ibalonians in Bicol are inviting members to come for a gathering in Naga City, Philippines at Bob Marlin’s, 8 p.m., on 08/08/08. The auspicious date offers new opportunities to have a little fun and strengthen the bonds among members.

Exciting personalities like Ate May (Dr. May Magdalene V. Yorobe,) Jun Olin, Ann Mariano, Totoy Badiola, Melissa Sieglinde E. Borromeo-Bulaong, Dulce D. Bernardo, Carmela Magpantay, Dan Daz, Edna Fatima Balaquiao et al are expected to attend. The occasion will provide the group a chance to plan its projects in the future. Contacts: Andy: 09196041633; Ann: 0927006705; Totoy: 09178210315 =0=

Part I: The Mighty Guy of UP Ibalon

June 29, 2008

Apolonio (Mighty) Baylon carries different tags like admirable multicolored feathered ribbons on his sleeves. Many call him the “father of UP Ibalon.” Some think he is the “Yoda of the Bicol group in Diliman.” Others assume him to be the “college day’s vessel of poignant memories,” and another the “merchant of friendship and goodwill.”

Once the indefatigable leader of Bicolano students, the mighty “idealist-CEO-enforcer” from Guinobatan, Albay takes real life head-on. In a two-part interview, more than 30 years after UP, here he is—cogently enlightening, down-to-earth, and thought-provoking.

Sabi ninda, ika da’a an “Ama kan Ibalon.” Ano an si’mong komentaryo?-Magayon dangogon. Maski bako lang ako an founder ta 20 man kita kaidto (o 24 ngani ta me nagtarabang na invitees na dai nag-member arog ki Dr. Jean Cortes o naghale like Prof. Egay Rosero.)

Baka dakula man su naging papel ko in setting the vision, setting the tone and the oplan/concept on how to establish UP Ibalon amidst a very difficult situation. Kadto dae baga mai-deklara tulos ang threats hale sa ibang grupo.

Mga siisay kadto saimo an nakatabang sa pagpundar kan Ibalon?
-An sarong leader siguro tata’o man magpalataw kan maitatabang kan iba. I recall the admirable contributions of the likes of Nestor Raneses and Steve David. The original members had their valuable inputs. And so was the support of the Molave Kurahaw. Si Grace Princesa-Escalante, pasalamat ako sa mga tabang satuya, an Mata Hari kan panahon.

I also want to recognize the subsequent contributions of Dr. Yasmin Paje-Banzon in normalizing relations with Alpha Phi Beta (APB.) Her effort eliminated the threat of another group, assuring us that there’ll be no other varsitarian except UP Ibalon.

Mac Pavia was helpful in defining relations between the politicals and the non-politicals. He was partly responsible for fostering the goodwill and friendship which brought unity to all the personalities in the group.

Sa mati mo, sobra daw su panahon mo na tina’o sa UP Ibalon?
-Dae. Pero iguang nagsasabi na sobra-sobra da’a an itinao ko. Dae ko aram kun ano an tama. But history spoke later ta in later years whenever I’m recognized for my role in the group, namamate ko an trust, respect, and love na itinatao sako kan meimbros lalo su mga naka-iba ko sa UP.

An confirmasyon kaini iyo su pag-aasikaso ninda sakuya whenever may problema ako sa health. Nagiging mover pa man guiraray ako maski mayo akong gayong resources. An puhunan ko lang: naipundar ko an tiwala sagkod respeto. Nakua ko siguro ini, hale sa pagta’o ko nin oras para pakusugon an pag-aramigo sa grupo.

Ngonian yaon kana sa cuidad de Davao, may pagbag’o an hiling mo sa grupo?
-Sa pagrayo ko sa Bicol, lalo kong na-appreciate an UP Ibalon.

Dae ka man napupung’aw, harayo kana sa lugar na si’mong guinikanan?
-I miss Bicol terribly. You can only understand this if you know my history. I was denied normal freedom of movement or travel. Nag-iwas ako kan yaon ako sa lugar na yan.

Living in other places made me feel like an exile. Kun saen naghaloy nag-grabe su longing ko sa satuyang native place, tongue and taste. Not hearing our language for a long time, any spoken Bicol feels like music to my ears. Pag nasa Bicol nahanap tulos ako nin Bicol na kakanon.

Yaon pa su copya mo kan constitution ta? Ano, iguang kaipuhan bag-o’hon duman?
-I think may copya ako kan iba’t ibang constitutions kan Ibalon alumni. After all these years kan pagtabang sa Ibalon, I realized an magic sa pagbuhay nin grupo dae masusumpungan sa constitution. Nasa vision yan, nasa mga tawong nagpapadalagan.

Hil’nga an chapter sa Naga. Nadalagan baga maski kadaklan dae man nahiling na constitution. Uyogon mo, mayo nganing regular set of officers may naguiguinibo sinda. The constitution is secondary. Padalaganon ta na ngona an pag-iriba.

Ano an prosopuesto mo para abuton su mga Ibalonians na dae pa nakakabalik sa grupo?
-Primero, kaipuhan ta an marhay na database. Natapos ko na su sa generasyon ta pero kulang kitat duman su mga masuronod. Segundo, kaipuhan na mag-assign nin mga respetadong personas na ma-reach out duman sa mga mayo.

Importatent ibalik su dating pag-aramigo, recuerdos, pagka-buronyog, dangan, siempre—an interes sa organisasyon. An pag-kaigwang mga proyecto arog kan naguinibo na Butch Robredo, Dr. Andy Gimpaya, Ann Mariano, Alaine Alberto, Dr. Eden B. Fernando atbp.(halawig an lista) an makakatabang makaburunyog satuya.

Iguang mga Ibalon na yaon sa Diliman nag-aadal pa, ano an dapat guibohon para sainda?
-Complikadong hapot. I-reserve ko na lang an pagsimbag digdi. This is a weighty and controversial topic. Although nasabi ko ki Butch Robredo minsan na we can act like a donor agency. Aram ta man na nata’o lang an donor agency kun gusto—if someone is deemed worthy to be given assistance. Sabi ko okey lang na mapa-rani an mga jovenes kan UP, para madangog man ninda an senior members.

Igua kang gustong ipa-abot sa mga jovenes?
Kaipuhan ma-araman ninda na bakong totoo an naglalakaw na kaputikan—idtong pigsarabi na an Ibalon da’a “po’on-sa-po’on ay political organization.” Iyo ini an saro sa mga razon kun ta’daw nagka-igua kita nin ibang provincial Bicol orgs.

Sa UP, ano an pinakadefisil mong inaguihan?
-Maski bright ka, dae mo puwedeng biruin an academics sa UP. Madali lang ang ma-cinco. An mga teachers duman sanay na sa pagbaragsak nin estudyante. Hard if one is a student leader. (to be continued…) =0=

Steering Committee Meeting Report No. 3

February 29, 2008

by Ann Mariano

To recap, the UP Ibalon has had the following meetings:

1. Feb. 2, 2008 – Reunion Dr. Eden Borja Fernando’s residence
2. Feb. 9, 2008 – Steering Committee Meet No. 1 – Little Asia
3. Feb. 23, 2008 -Steering Committee Meet No. 2 – Max’s Restaurant
4. Feb. 27, 2008 -Steering Committee Meet No. 3 – Kopi Roti


1. I gave a report on my friend James Jaucian’s planned 2-week live-
in intensive UPCAT Review in Libmanan. It is a project of the
Municipality of Libmanan Local School Board in cooperation with UPLB
Ugnayang Pahinguhod. It is entitled Academic Enhancement and Youth
Leadership Training because UP faculty are not allowed to conduct
review. The Top 2 of 14 schools in Libmanan will be the target
participants. UP Ugnayan will send 6 trainors and they will shoulder
per diem/honorarium. On the other hand, Libmanan will shoulder the
food, accommodation and trasportation of trainors. They will be
housed in the Bicol Central Academy.

2. Butch said that it will be better for us to develop our own
model/project rather than join with Libmanan or MEMORECALL. He
promised to shoulder also the food, accommodation and transportation
of reviewers if we have.

3 Mighty has been tasked to coordinate with UP Diliman Pahinguhod if
they would be willing to conduct a “review” in Naga City this summer.
Mighty has promised to get back to the Committee in one week if this
is indeed possible.

4. We are pressed for time considering that the school year is about
to end by March 15 or 20. This gives us only a week to conduct an
information campaign/send out invitations, if ever, to different
schools for a summer review class. Target is May 2008 for the

5. We will open it up to 3rd year students of public schools in Naga,
Iriga and neigboring municipalities.

6. It can just be a simple advisory, giving of materials, pointers in
application. All this will be decided after we get word from Mighty.

Update on the Steering Committee Meeting

February 24, 2008

by Annaliza Mariano

(Feb. 23, 2008 7:30 P.M. at Max’s Restaurant, Avenue Square, Magsaysay Ave., Naga City)

The Steering Committee composed of Butch Robredo, Ann Mariano, Rose
Bernardo-Nayve and Andy Gimpaya met together with Nene Badiola-Lopo
and Dulce Bernardo. The following were discussed:

1. The Back to School or Balik Eskwela proposed project where we will
distribute school supplies this June to incoming students of a
particular barangay, Butch said that we can do this anytime.

2. Medical/Dental Mission was also proposed in the Feb. 9 meet at
Little Asia, this can also be done anytime by the doctors/dentists in
the org.

3. Another project proposed last Feb. 9 was How to get more Bicolano
students into UP was discussed. HOW TO GET INTO UP proposal can be a long-term, recurring project that the group can undertake. As UP
graduates, this project is in the area of education and can foster
academic excellence. It is in an area of our commonality, experience
and expertise. Moreover, it is something that bears the UP stamp.

4. A resource speaker was invited, Clarine Palomares-Tobias, UP BS
Tourism 1990. She heads MEMORECALL, a study center at Ateneo Ave.,
Naga City which also offers UPCAT Review among others. She gave the
group a situationer. Among the things she shared are:

5. There is a lack of awareness of UPCAT. Students do not know that
there is even an UPCAT, nor the deadline for filing of application
form (June), exam date (August 5),applic. form fee (P250 or P500). In
short, very few students from Bicol get into UP because they don’t
even know it exists.

6. Students need help in filling up application form. Tips on what
course to choose as options, that quota courses as a rule have to be
avoided, and other insider tips are not known thus decreasing the
chances of ever getting into the UP system.

7. MEMORECALL offers UPCAT review for P4,500 per student. it consists
of 25 meetings or 100 hours of review. Review starts in April. Clarine
said that she can offer a group discount for UP Ibalon if and when we
do decide to undertake this project which can include sponsorship of
review classes for indigents.

8. Among the weaknesses noted in high school students is the lack of
reading comprehension. We are poor in English.

9. Math review classes include Algebra and Trigonometry. Dulce
Bernardo is now a tutor for MATH at Memorecall.

10. After UPCAT, many who do not make it to their first choices do not
know how to get in through other means like transfer, varsity, etc.

11. Many also do not know how to survive the UP Culture/Way of Life.
This can be another topic for discussion/lecture.

12. We can endorse students we choose to the care of UP Ibalon in
campus once they enter UP.

13. We can provide application forms, scholarships/ financial
assistance to those students who come from rural areas.

14. Ann Mariano will talk with a friend from Libmanan who is
undertaking a 2-week intensive review for 4th year students in
cooperation with Pahinguhod (UP Extension services) to find out the
model he is using and where we can enter,improve, etc.

15. We will try to come up with our business model that will use the
resources we have at hand and that we can hopefully replicate.

16. At least 3 areas were identified where we can be of assistance:
information campaign, application process and tutorials/review.

18. We can start this March for the information campaign before
schools close, review classes in April, help file application in June,
prepare for exam in August.

19. Next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, Feb.27, 2008 7 pm at Kopi
Roti, Magsaysay Ave, Naga City. Everyone interested is invited.

For comments, please cite item number for easy facilitation.

– Annaliza Mariano