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Shrinking pan de sal doesn’t mean it’s economical

December 9, 2008

Filipinos will generally welcome pan de sal that is cheap even if it’s small. According to Simplicio Umali, Jr., the president of the Philippine Bakers Industry Group, bakers will shrink the bread further and sell it cheap. Members of the baker’s association agreed to make little pan de sals, probably next month.

The poor man’s bread at P1 peso will weigh only 20 grams, smaller than the regular pan de sal which is 30-35 grams sold for P3 pesos. The cost of a 600-gram bread loaf is pegged at P55.50.—Philstar (12/09/08, Osorio, E.)

Isn’t 20 grams too small? How much of the bread is air and how much is flour? Why try scrimping on the last indulgence of Filipinos who rely on the bread for breakfast and snacks? Most likely, smaller pan de sals will make people crave for more and perhaps spend more.

Whether this tiny bread prepared is nutritionally adequate to satisfy the hungry is unclear. Though affordable, a smaller version of the bread doesn’t mean it is economical. Making small bread pieces is labor-intensive and needs as much flour and packaging if it will be sold to satisfy. That’s why there are those who think keeping the regular-sized bread may still be a good idea.

When the bread becomes inordinately small, it’s expected to have low nutritional value. Shrunken and cheap, the bread will make the birds happy. Yet people with larger stomachs and bigger caloric needs may feel famished eating them. To compensate they’ll need to eat more which costs as much as the regular bread, volume per volume. (Photo Credit: Oggi108; KDLig)=0=