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A Filipina dies in the Binghampton, NY bloodbath

April 5, 2009

Dolores Carbonilas Yigal, an immigrant of the United States for two years was among the 14 people who died when Jiverly Wong (aka Jiverly Voong,) 41, the Vietnamese gunman barged and opened fire in the American Civic Association building where immigrants and refugees were taking language classes and citizenship tests. Initial report indicated that Wong, also an immigrant, was despondent of being jobless with poor language skills.

“Binghamton has always been a lure for immigrants. More than 7,100 immigrants, most of them Asians, have settled in Binghamton since 2005, according to city statistics. They are a cosmopolitan mix of Kurds, Chinese, Filipinos, Africans, Iraqis—but only a fraction of the city’s predominantly white population of 43,000.’—Inquirer /AP/ AFP (04/05/09, Uy, V)

The Filipina from Cebu was studying English in the civic center in preparation to work and join the mainstream of American life. Her dream was cut short like the other migrants from 8 countries who died on Friday, April 3, 2009, mostly of multiple gun shot wounds.

Omni Yigal, the husband of Dolores said his wife dreamed of working with children. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) sent a representative to assist and console the Yigal family. (Photo Credit: AP/ Matt Rourke x 2 ) =0=

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14 dead in a shooting spree in Binghamton, New York

April 4, 2009

“Our prayers are certainly with the family members. I know it was at the American Civic Society. I have a lot of very, very close and dear friends there.” —Sen. Thomas Libous, Binghamton-R (04/03/09)

For reasons that were not yet known, a man of Asian descent opened fire in a civic center for immigrants and refugees in Binghamton, a quiet town in the Southern tier of New York. Thirty seven (37) people managed to scamper out of the building where citizenship classes and English language training were held. At least 13 others died in a 3 minute shooting spree on Friday morning, April 3, 2009. Armed with pistol, the mysterious gunman was found among the dead presumably by self-inflicted wounds.

There were at least 5 wounded survivors including a Chinese student were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment. Apartments and schools close to the place where the bloodbath occured were evacuated.

From the ID found in the crime scene, the suspected killer was Linh Phat Voong, 42, of Johnson City, New York. Police are still trying to determine if the ID truly matches the real identity of the person responsible for killings. The premeditated massacre which is still being investigated is just one among the five mass slayings that occurred in US recently. (Photo Credit: DJP7) =0=

UPDATE: April 4, 2009: Before the bloodbath, the Vietnamese gunman was distraught because of poor English skills and job loss.