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More grim news in Italy’s earthquake

April 8, 2009

The rising death toll in the recent earthquake which hit central Italy had gone up to 272 people dead along with 15,000 injured victims. About 100 were listed to be in serious condition. Pope Benedict XVI expressed his intention to visit the affected villages and towns to be with the earthquake victims.

Many buildings which include historic ancient edifices, numbering to about 10-15,000, either crumbled or suffered severe damage all across 26 settlements surrounding the city of L Aquila. Amidst sporadic after-shocks, 28,000 people lined the streets to seek food and shelter.

In a report by the National Institute of Geophysicis and Vulcanology prior to the earthquake, many buildings in Italy’s vulnerable zones are in danger of suffering damages when seismic activity strikes. Experts say only 14% of these buildings meet the standards to counter the effect of a significant tremor.(Photo Credits: Garofalo, Alessandro/ Reuters; Perrozi, Sandro/ AP) =0=