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When “tuyo” is fried in a high-rise apartment, the smell of gas leak and cadaveric decomposition becomes a legal problem

January 15, 2009

Gloria Lim and her husband Michael are in trouble. They are being sued for $75,000 by the nuns of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart congregation for violating a building rule that prohibits the cooking of “smelly food.” —Philippine News / Philstar (01/15/08, Pastor, C)

The NY Fire Department was called by building residents because of stench which emanated from the Lim’s 16th floor Manhattan apartment. The awful smell alarmed neighbors who thought there was a decaying body in the building. The firemen broke the door and found that the odor came from “tuyo”—- fried dried fish (herring or anchovy) which is a common breakfast food in the Philippines.

Cooking “ethnic” flood is a common problem particularly during winter months in high-rise buildings when doors and windows are generally shut tight. Any smell from a housing unit can be magnified and bother a lot of neighbors. Though others can tolerate smells of certain food, it is better such malodorous food must be avoided.

Gloria Lim, the pissed Filipina who has been in the US for 30 years must know better. She must be considerate to her neighbors who can’t take the peculiar smell of “tuyo.” The strong fishy odor which sticks to clothes is cumbersome to remove—entailing more laundry or visits to professional apparel cleaners. It is understandable that residents who haven’t experienced such an olfactory oddity from a peculiar food may panic believing that it’s from a gas leak that’s ready to explode or from a dead human body or animal decaying in the building. That’s precisely why buildings have rules to protect the common interest of residents. Cultural sensitivity and respect must be observed in communal living where people of different races stay together. (Photo Credit: Mando Rukot) =0=


After the nurse, enters the chef

October 6, 2008

With the oversupply of nurses and ever increasing demand for Filipinos to leave the country, the new career craze is to be a chef. From just one culinary school in 2000, the country suddenly has 400 cook schools. If no regulations of these schools are implemented there will thousands who will be exploited, just like the mushrooming of 400,000 licensed nurses who have no place to work.

Chefs are the new rock stars now. Everyone wants to be a chef. When I started, there were hardly any culinary schools here … And there was no chef, it was just the cook. When I got back, there are culinary schools everywhere,” said Ian Padilla a Filipino chef at Parisian restaurant Tailevent. Reuters/ABS CBN News (09/30/08, Francisco,R.)

About 8,400 kitchen workers left for jobs abroad and 5,500 of them are chefs and cooks. The chef’s compensation abroad can be as high as $4,000/month compared to the usual salary of average Filipino workers which is about $220-320/month. With unemployment rate above 7%, the temptation to be an OFW is strong.

However, potential for victimization of Filipinos is obvious here. The government is prodded to work hard to create jobs, reprogam its labor plans to suit the needs of the nation. Otherwise more and more people will be forced to follow an estimated 50,000 and 230,000 workers who left in 2007 to be employed as maids and seamen respectively. This is in addition to the countless number who work in menial jobs such as welders, waiters, carpenters, drivers, plumbers, upholsterers, and other construction workers. Photo Credit: wayneandwax) =0=