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Genealogists trace Gov. Sarah Palin’s family tree & Brigitte Bardot whips her

October 9, 2008

Genealogists whose political affiliations are not known have looked into Gov. Sarah Palin’s pedigree, part of the microscopic scrutiny of the VP Republican presidential candidate, a controversial firebrand that brought vim and bemusement to the presidential race.

She has ignited seething anger from her political opponents for raising character issues that cast doubt on Sen. Barack Obama’s shady dealings which include avowed terrorist-bomber William Ayers, US-hater Jeremiah Wright, Jim Johnson (believed to be among those who put Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into bankruptcy) and ACORN, the infamous grassroots organization which is now being investigated for intimidation and massive electoral fraud which tainted the voters registry in many states. Her questions are certainly valid in the wake of spectacular promises of glib-talking politicians that often fall short of action.

Those who expect dirt or fame in her bloodline aren’t disappointed. She is supposed to be a 10th cousin of Princess Diana and a 9th cousin of WWII president Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) who saw America through the Great Depression. Rev. John Lothrop is their common ancestor who lived in Massachusetts in 1634. She is also reported to be a relative of vice president Dick Cheney (R,) her 8th degree relative.

Perhaps, the Republicans and Palin supporters are relieved because no Charles Manson, David Koresh or Timothy McVeigh came up in her family tree. Otherwise notoriety can be exploited by her enemies like those who look at her as an incoherent fraud with “porno star” looks, a “no nothing” conservative who subsists on mooseburger in Alaska.

Brigitte Bardot, the faded French movie star and fashion model who popularized sensuality and the baring of breasts in tinseltown decades ago couldn’t resist herself. The aging angry political and animal activist vehemently castigated Palin for being “a disgrace to women,” because she did not espouse her views, among others the support for abortion and anti-oil-drilling that Bardot likes.

This comes on the heels of the indictment of David Kernell, 20, a shortsighted college student-son of a Tennessee democratic state representative who illegally hacked her emails, stole and distributed them for the world to read.

A loose-mouthed partisan Canadian journalist in Ontario Heather Mallick was reprimanded by her company for unfairly labelling Palin as a “white trash.” Madonna, the outlandish singer with liberal ideas, swanky secular lifestyle, and anti-Christian sentiments railed on conservative Palin in a recent concert in New Jersey just as most of Hollywood and liberal media had ganged up on her.

In the October 13, 2008 issue of Newsweek, a controversy had been sparked because of the derisive article “The Palin Problem” and the ugly cover picture which accompanied it. One can’t help but think if these people who are quick to pass judgement are responsible enough to do it for other people. This has been a growing problem in our world where people hate others for the flimsiest reasons. (Photo Credits: rhilston4u; babet1969; incendiarymin;;;