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Manny Pacquaio, A Golf Mauling, Bribe Daw, An Idiotic Commander and A Caper: A String of Lies

January 4, 2009

Some time ago I heard a joke making the rounds that “Pacman” Manny Pacquiao has picked up the game of golf. Of course people were incredulous and find it ridiculous that the boxing great will be playing golf. Of course, it was all a joke. Manny daw is mahilig mag-golf as in mang-golfe (gulpe). That was after he mauled some opponents in the ring.

That was my play with words in my earlier article regarding the golf course incident in Antipolo involving the Pangandamans [See “A Golf Course Mauling and a Star-Crossed Appointment”, 12/30/08]. They should understand they must play by the golf rules and not make golfe.

The de la Pazes started the incident? They said the de la Pazes had baseball bats had bladed weapons. Against the guns of the Pangandamans? That sounds ridiculous. As if Lanao del Sur politicians move around without a coterie of armed bodyguards. Hey, in Mindanao a handgun is not considered a true gun. Even Mayor “Dirty Harry” Duterte of Davao, well-aware of rido (the Muslim version of vendetta) can’t curb it. Itago lang daw.

And golfe again the de la Pazes in the clubhouse? So they won’t start it again? C’mon. The senior Pangandaman is complaining their name is being besmirched by the incident. Maybe that’s the price of not playing by the rules of golf but by golfe.

Another parallel item was the alleged P50 million bribe try made on PDEA agents. The 3 scions of prominent families had supply of drugs daw. So they are “dealers”. Ha ha! I thought drug dealers are nefarious beings who are cold-blooded and not some rich, spoiled kids.

Could be that the true story is the other way around. The agents could be asking money for “settlement” and the 3 balked because the amount is too big. And so it became a “bribery” try. P50M? Who would offer such kind of money? I can believe in the influence-peddling angle as can be gleaned by the call to PDEA by DOJ Undersecretary Blancaflor. Hey, these are not families without connections. These are not Chinese illegals who are large-scale drug dealers who fear rotting in our jails and who think P50M is a fair settlement so they can ply their trade again.

And this reminds me of that funny idiotic claim of the national police commander Verzosa. 90% crime solution rate daw. Ha ha! As if all crimes are reported. If that is so then they are just really sadistic when they engage in “salvaging”. Trip lang siguro kasi anyway naso-solve din naman ang mga kaso. O baka ito yung 10% na di ma-solve?

And this reminds me of the Moscow caper of the euro generals. The national police spokesman said all papers regarding the money was in order. After their comptroller admitted the papers were completed the day after the euro generals were detained by Russian authorities. Ha ha!

Such string of brazen-faced lying. Wonder why this administration’s credibility is at a record-low?

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A Golf Course Mauling And A Star-Crossed Appointment

December 29, 2008

A Christmas season mauling in a golf club courtesy of a powerful political family. That hugged the front pages and the blogs these previous days.

I say this incident is the most famous (or infamous) mauling incident in a long time. And thanks to the internet, individuals have a new means in voicing their opinions. Hopefully this is the start of a way of checking abuses of public officials on the personal level. I am lucid enough to realize that the Net is not yet a way of checking official corruption because it has to go through the “legal process” and in the Philippines that is almost synomymous to a whitewash especially with the current Ombudsman.

If the son of DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman was the one who led the mauling he should be suspended from his position, if he is indeed a municipal mayor. I think the provincial governor of Lanao del Sur has the right and duty to do so because disciplining mayors is part of the job of the governor. But knowing Lanao del Sur politics and culture I say that is not a simple matter. That will probably be taken by the Pangandamans as a slap in the face and in that land confrontations emanating from this kind readily jumps above the verbal kind.

I hope the incident is resolved through the vaunted “legal process” and not settled through an “apology” or “compensation”. For how will be teach public officials that they are also accountable like ordinary citizens and not above the law?

If Secretary Pangandaman has any delicadeza he should by now tender his resignation. But I thought delicadeza is a Spanish word and concept. I have yet to see if this concept is not alien to the DAR Secretary.

A grave lapse of judgment on his part, I say. I remember that when he was appointed to the Cabinet there were gasps of disbelief in Lanao. But to the credit of the Secretary, most will probably concede that by the standards of an Arroyo cabinet he probably did a decent job and he was able to avoid controversy unlike the other cabinet secretaries.

He was recently appointed as the chief peace adviser to the President regarding the stalled peace agreement with the MILF. I say he is probably qualified for that post because he is in a position to look at both sides of the divide and he probably has a realistic assessment of the Mindanao situation.

But he should not have accepted it. It seems he didn’t realize that persons appointed to that double-crossed process are always star-crossed. And next time he should be more careful in venturing out to a gulpe club.