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Best job in some enchanted island: Is it for you?

January 13, 2009

Australia is offering a unique six-months job for a caretaker-promoter of a pristine island. Dubbed as the “best job in the world,” it is offered by the Australian Tourism Department to boost its travel industry in Hamilton Island, part of an eastern continental group of islands called Whitsunday Islands in the coast of Queensland.

The job which pays $100,000 salary ($150, 000 Aus dollars) demands for a nature- loving outdoor person who enjoys taking leisurely walks on white beaches, swim and snorkel on the reefs. He must be able to blog and make videos of his experience on a weekly basis made available to promote the place for tourism. The low-stress work package includes a free living quarters in an oceanfront villa and air fare that brings the worker in and from the island.—AP (01/13/09)

Applicants can be anyone from any country. Eleven (11) will be selected and brought to Hamilton Island as finalists from a search which commences on February 11, 2009. The winner will be chosen before July 1 when the work begins. There will surely be interested applicants for such enchanted tour of duty. Is it for you? =0=