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The roar of thunder & the white lilies of the valley

December 19, 2008

Incongruence, alienation, and a feeling of déjà vu are some of the most inexplicable rousers of the human senses. They come and go in our guts like distant pulsations of life in a plane at different seasons.

Let’s take time, pause, and write— so strangeness, we can mend from within. We wish to rid ourselves of the angst of some smokey blur. Like the fearsome thunder behind the clouds, disturbing the fields of white lilies in the valley…the woods and trees have their barks marked by box-cutters and stabbed with imprints of our names.

Yes! How wonderful to read Bambi Ricafrente’s engaging poetry: Thunder Lilies, from Monologues and other Poems, 1982. (Photo Credits: Gorpie; Wazka)=0=

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