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A time to build, a time to heal—a poignant account of the fire damage in Naga

November 20, 2008

by Acela Badiola-Bretan

From Leni Robredo, here are the pictures from the Naga City Fire. According to Leni, the city’s priority is to assist the stallholders so they could start selling their goods again ASAP. But most of the stallholders were small-time entrepreneurs and none of them had their goods insured.”—Melyn Lucido, CSI’81

When I asked the vendors how long they will be back, nobody can give a definite answer. Looking at their faces, I experienced a surge of emotions. I was happy to know that they are still able to sell and earn a living for their children and family. At the same time I felt sad because they have to endure harsh conditions and nobody’s sure for how long this will last.”—Dusktildawn (UP Ibalon Blog, 11/17/08)

It’s no wonder why Naga sorely misses the market that has been razed by fire. Many ask how long it will take the government to restore the place to its original ambience. As one can imagine, the supermarket is truly the heart of a vibrant city where businesses flourish and the soul of the people dwells.”—Pitoy Moreno (UP Ibalon Blog, 11/15/08)

Iyo baga…Alms. Si Sherry Guerrero may Botica Lexar. Ang tugang ni Melyn igwa man 24 K pawnshop sa first floor. Napa-ngiturugan ko ngani ang supermarket several weeks ago ta dati akong alalay ni mama pag nagsasaod. Ang price ko kan pagbitbit kang sinaudan kadto iyo an mag snack duman sa kanto kan saodan na igwa nin mga turu-turo na loglog.”—Bingbing Badiola, CSI’81.

The first floor of the supermarket was spared, dai man nasulo. Si 2nd and 3rd floors ang nasulo… Nakasalvar si botica ni Sherry and pawn shop ni Tita Belits. Ang aram ko si Felo may meat store sa 3rd floor… Mapungaw, ta crisis na ngani, nangyari pa ining sulo na ini..” –Nenette Abrigo, CSI’81

Aram na baga what started the fire? Was the entire 2nd and 3rd floor razed down? Sinabihan ako kan sobrino ko kan Friday mismo na state of calamity ngani daa kamo dyan. Hope everything would turn out okay ta harani na baga ang holidays, herak man ang mga na-displace…”—Aleta Gehrke. CSI’81. (Photo Credits: Leni Robredo)

NOTE: The fire that gutted the Naga Supermarket happened on Thursday, November 7, 2008 after a province-wide black-out. It was theorized that an unattended candle ignited the blaze. =0=

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