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"Random Drug Testing" during school enrollment

February 5, 2009

To find a result that does not have a “deterministic pattern” is one reason why tests are done on a random basis. Randomness entails lack of order and predictability. If random drug testing in Manila will be done during the enrollment period as suggested by Manila Police District head Roberto Rosales, the result of the tests could be skewed. Accuracy and reliability might be compromised.

By knowing that the test will conducted on a specified time (i.e during enrollment,) high school and college students expecting the lab exam can change their drug behavior to coincide with the test and therefore lend bias to the result. Without the element of surprise, those who opt against being caught using illicit drugs can skip a few days or weeks of the drug so they can get a negative result.

If Police officer Rosales will propose enrollment drug testing to Mayor Alfredo Lim, both men must be told of this potential test bias. Otherwise, the effort and money to be spent in this activity may only go to waste. (Photo Credit: Reynolds/ Sweetwarrior)=0=

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