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Recalling the Bantayog Heroes

December 5, 2008

In a day of remembrance on December 2, 2008, friends and relatives of those who died under the repressive conjugal dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos were honored in Bantayog Memorial Center at EDSA, Quezon City.

The guest of honor for this year’s memorial was Naga City mayor Jesse M. Robredo who addressed the crowd. The mayor and his audience paid homage to over 170 brave men and women who sacrificed their lives fighting the corrupt Marcos government. About 10,000 Filipinos died in the in the turbulent years of the Philippines which produced martyrs in national leaders like Ninoy Aquino, Jose Diokno, and student-scholar Ibalonian Floro E. Balce.

Mayor Robredo praised Balce of Daet, Camarines Norte and other Bicolano heroes namely Tony G. Ariado, Jemino L. Balaquiao, Jr., Alexander Belone; Dr. Juan B. Escandor; Romulo Jallores (Kumander Tangkad,) Ruben Jallores (Kumander Benjie,) brothers Ramon, Jesus and Tomas Pilapil, and; Nanette Vytiaco.—Bicol Mail (12//05/08)

Ms. Asena Arcilla-Galang, a charter member of UP Ibalon attended the memorial tendered by the University of the Philippines Centennial for the 72 courageous Bantayog heroes of the school on Saturday, November 29, 2008. (Photo Credits:; bloomsdayflowers) =0=