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Caroline Kennedy eyes Hillary Clinton’s post as NY senator

December 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton is about to leave as New York senator. She will become the secretary of state in the new Barack Obama administration. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg has expressed interest on the 2-year job which needed to be filled by NY governor David Paterson.

It may be partly because of the family from where she comes from. She is an accomplished lawyer. Political connections definitely help as much as her admirable qualifications. In gist, these are reasons why Caroline is favorably considered for the post.

Not so many know Caroline in-depth as she aspires for a new role in the political scene. She is the only surviving child of Pres. Jack and Jackie Kennedy, the sister of John Kennedy, Jr. whose memory captivates the minds of many Americans. She is the niece of the late Sen. Robert Kennedy and ailing Sen. Edward Kennedy.

A well-known democrat from an influential political clan, the 50-year old Kennedy is said to be a hard-driven mom of three with a Columbia U law degree on her sleeve. Among her accomplishments include being the president of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and member of the JFK Profile in Courage Award Committee. She serves as the director of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and vice-chairwoman of NYC’s Fund for Public Schools.

Whether Caroline’s qualifications are enough to make her the best candidate for the post is subject to debate. There are those who believe some politicians are better prepared for the job. Others worry if her wealthy upbringing may stand on the way in her public service. With her connections, it is very likely though that she’ll get the job. (Photo Credit: =0=