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The dancing senator and her caustic remark

August 18, 2008

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing Queen
—Dancing Queen, ABBA (from the Broadway Hit “Mama Mia”)

When our senators debate on issues, the arguments suddenly get out of focus. Their exchanges degenerate lower than what we expect from sane people. This is what happened when former Sen. Teresita Aquino-Oreta, argued against Sen. Benigno (Nonoy) Aquino III’s comment that the country hasn’t advanced for 25 years, since this his murdered father, Ninoy Aquino died.

Oreta (well-recalled as the “dancing queen” in the senate floor when she sashayed and wiggled in euphoric glee, during an impeachment proceeding of then Pres. Joseph Estrada in January 2001,) disagreed with Nonoy Aquino’s assessment about the country without giving a satisfactory clarification.

Whether the Philippines moved ahead or not is something that needs explanation. From experience, we have strong opinions about where the country has gone. Oreta could have asked Noynoy what he meant. Or she might have rebutted his opinion with evidence to the contrary. Instead, she turned against former Pres. Corazon Aquino, saying, “His mommy led the country for six years. So please don’t tell us now the country hasn’t moved forward.” PDI (08/18/08, Dalangin-Fernandez, L)

Such corrosive exchanges are typical of family feuds in our households that we don’t want to hear. While we suspect malice and emnity in her statement, Oreta missed proving Noynoy wrong. Instead of being defensive (or firing on the messenger for his message,) she seems in need of more maturity to let us understand that she’s telling the truth or helping us move ahead. =0=