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Bicol as a medium of instruction

December 19, 2008

“I imagine some of us resisting the idea of having to learn math and the sciences in Bikol/Filipino instead of English. But do we think that the French students learn math and science in English?”—Raniela Barbaza

The snowy cold Friday afternoon in December 19, 2008 is an excellent time to read Raniela Barbaza’s insightful pitch on the use of English as a medium of instruction for Filipinos. Anywhere in the world, it is a subject of warm debate that doesn’t go away. From New York, Raniela’s message is clear on the subject. Bicol, our language in Maogmang Lugar is just fine as a medium of learning, says our Ibalon scholar-guru holed in the Empire State.

Take a bite on her insightful piece in “The Lure of the Apple: on the question of English as medium of instruction” (12/20/2008, Barbaza, R) (Photo Credit: Iansagabaen; Mr.Bwcat)