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Brother Sun and Sister Moon

June 18, 2008

It’s a re-play of the old tradition which UP Ibalon-Bicol follows. Like big Brother Sun who treats young students as little Sister Moons and small Brother Earths, the organization of former students and alumni of the state university had successfully concluded the UPCAT Review and Orientation.

Youth seemed to bloom in Dan Daz’ pictures and Andy Gimpaya’s video appeared like the wild promise of summer. Those who attended the review had their dreams clearly painted in their gawky faces; their expectations, welded in their diffidence and in their laughter. Notably, for unclear reasons, the girl-participants outnumbered the boys.

Meeting the students at Dr. Eden B. Fernando’s Medical Plaza in Naga City, UP Ibalon members (the memory of their student days still tucked in their minds,) wasted no time to establish bonds and share important information. For the first time, in a path less traveled, the kids got generous helping from their Ibalon friends. In that cheery June day, they were introduced to a way of daring—a calculated strategy to deal with the prospects of scholarship and study in the most competitive school in the country.

Naturally, the students were delighted. Like virtual sponges, the youthful souls were apparently unbridled in their motivation. They had the fast instinct to learn and assess the horizon ahead. They absorbed as much as they could to prepare their guts for the next grueling college entrance test, the UPCAT. Hoping to make it, they had their game-plans set.

They found friendships among themselves. They reached out for the “elders” who wore symbolic UP crimson colors in mentoring them. With vast energy which might well be the next hope of the country, the students were poised to labor and wait.

Truly, youth is an asset, a precious investment that all of us must take care and nurture. In little acts of kindness such as assisting kids to pass a test or plan their future, the nation may move forward.

So well, Brother Sun, why don’t you keep your bright light burning? On your hand, the planted trees, leafless in hibernation, need your warmth—for them to grow and the nation to thrive =0=

Video: UP Orientation and UPCAT Review

June 18, 2008

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UP Ibalon Alumni Successfully Launched UPCAT Review Project

June 15, 2008

Ten public and 9 private high schools around Naga City sent their high school seniors to UP Ibalon Bicol’s UP Orientation-UPCAT Review held at Fernando Hall, Plaza Medica, Naga City, last Saturday, June 14, 2008. UP Ibalon Bicol is an organization with worldwide membership composed of alumni of UP Ibalon, a 34-year old organization of Bicolano students at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus. Last Saturday’s event launched a bigger project by UP Ibalon Bicol that aims to help Bicolano students augment their capabilities to pass the University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT).

Naga City Science National High School sent the largest delegation with 51 high school seniors. Other participating schools were: Ateneo de Naga and Universidad de Sta. Isabel that sent 18 each; St. Bridget School Buhi,17;Sta Monica Academy Baao,12; Sta Clara College Tigaon,10; Pili National High School and Naga College Foundation, 5 each; Tinago High School, 4; St Joseph School, Calabanga National High School, Leon Mercado High School Pacol, Carolina National High School, Cararayan High School and Concepcion Pequeña High School. 2 each; Arbor Vitae Plains Montessori Naga City, Hope Christian School and St Michael Academy Oas Albay, 1 each.

According to Alaine Alberto-Fornoles, Invitations Committee chairperson, UP Ibalon Bicol hopes to expand the project to include high school students outside Camarines Sur. She apologizes to late responders who had to be turned down because of limited resources and venue, adding that the organizers were surprised by the huge turnout and that this was just a launching event and more of similar activities are to come.

The first set of speakers for the morning session introduced UP to the participants and included

UP Ibalon Bicol’s President Jose (Butch) Robredo who gave the welcome remarks;

Project Chairperson Annaliza A. Mariano who introduced the participants and did the leveling of expectations;

Jake Rupert T. Tabora who shared his experiences at the state university and gave the future UP students a glimpse of what to find there;

Dr. Ronaldo S.P. Elicay who delivered a Powerpoint-backed lecture on Choosing Your Career that engaged the participants;

Michael V. Padua who, in his Testimony of a UP Graduate, related how he developed his expertise in weather forecasting and gave the participants idea on how to get into UP by way of transfer from another school, bypassing the UPCAT ;

and Edna C.Balaquiao who lectured on Scholarships and Financial Assistance. Ms. Balaquiao, talking out of first-hand experiences, expounded on the tricky Socialized Tuition Fee and Assistance Program (STFAP), more popularly known as Iskolar ng Bayan Program, designed to make studies at UP more affordable.

Sieg Borromeo-Bulaong was the master of ceremonies.

In the afternoon session, Clarine Tobias, a UP Ibalon alumna and owner of Memorecall, talked on test taking strategies and the UP Predicted Grades (UPG), a contentious aspect of UP admissions requirements. Memorecall also conducted special diagnostic tests on Language & Reading Comprehension and Mathematics & Science, giving the participating high school seniors a taste of UPCAT-like exams.

Sarah Jaye Coros Oliva, of St. Joseph School, Naga City, topped the English and Reading Comprehension Diagnostic Test. Others who made it to the top ten in this test, in descending rank, were De la Cruz, Mara Erika G.(Naga City Science High School); Felix, Trixia Mae G.(Naga City Science High School); Ayo, Fidel Nestor N.(Ateneo De Naga University); Monasterio, Jose Llandro G.(Ateneo De Naga University); Maraño, Rebbekan Grace G.(Naga City Science High School); Semeniano, Claudine Joyce D.(Naga City Science High School); Garcia, Klarika Angela C.(Ateneo De Naga University); Tapel, Anna Dominica A.(Universidad de Sta. Isabel); Gutierrez, Alfred D.(Naga City Science High School).

Two high school seniors from Pili National High School topped the Mathematics and Science Diagnostic Test: Jarid Ross Contante Clasio (1) and Cezar John Aman Estrada (2). Others in the top ten, in descending rank, were Oliva, Sarah Jaye Coros (St. Joseph School, Naga City); Esguerra, Bennyvic Joyce J.(Camarines Sur National High School); Avestruz, Darren Ramon C.(Naga City Science High School); Nacario, Redmund Godoy (Naga City Science High School); Romero, Maria Rosa M.(Naga City Science High School); Servino, Edel Acayen(Pili National High School); Medalla, Irenele T.(Naga College Foundation); Gutierrez, Alfred D.(Naga City Science High School).

Dra. Eden Borja-Fernando, a UP Ibalon pioneer and owner of Plaza Medica, gave UP Ibalon Bicol free whole-day use of the Fernando Hall for the project launching.

Participants Sidelights

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The students of Sta. Clara Academy

The students of St. Bridget School

The students of Sta. Monica Academy

The students of Naga College Foundation

The students of the Camarines Sur National High School

The students of the Naga City Science National High School

The students of the Universidad de Sta. Isabel

The students of the Ateneo de Naga University

UP Ibalon Bicol Sidelights