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New visa waivers for US visitors

October 17, 2008

New additions to the 27 countries in the United States’ visitor visa waivers program are Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and South Korea. Citizens from these countries are now exempted from having to apply for visitor’s visas in coming to the United States. Announced by the White House on Friday, October 17, 2008, the move makes tourist travel to USA easier.

Those who oppose the visa waivers worry that the relaxation could help terrorists sneak into the country, yet supporters of the lifting of the requirements believe that the mutual cooperation of countries for tighter border security will make it hard for undesirable aliens to enter the US.

Tamper-proof biometric passports which are hard to forge are in use. Countries who participate in the waivers program agree to share security information to make travel safe and secure.

The Philippines and countries like Poland, Greece, Romania, Malta, and Bulgaria are unable to qualify for the visa waiver because they haven’t fulfilled the requirements. (Photo Credit: pbo31)=0=